Join our call for sustainable and urgent actions to tackle transport pollution. Our manifesto makes three clear calls on the EU and national and local governments to clean the air we breathe and improve the lives of our patients and our local communities.

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Air pollution is a global health challenge that affects us all. It increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancers, dementia and diabetes, causes new asthma cases in children, and damages nearly every organ in our bodies. It is a public health and climate emergency, with an unsustainable transport sector at its core.

As members of the medical and scientific community, we have joined together under the banner of Medics for Clean Air to voice our concerns on the impact of the continued use of fossil fuels by vehicles and to call for sustainable and urgent actions to cope with transport pollution.

As healthcare professionals we…

Scientific evidence

Demand decision-makers take note of the latest scientific evidence on the health damage of air pollution, as a basis of any future clean transport policy.

End the sale of diesel

Urge the European Union and national governments to end the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2028, while progressively phasing out existing polluting vehicles from urban areas.

Shift from car-based cities

Call for a shift from car-based cities to walking, cycling and public transport, wherever possible.

Fighting air pollution today will not only help tackle the climate crisis but will also improve everyone’s health.

We have all been on the frontline against COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic has put healthcare to the test worldwide. The roots of the health crisis have been linked to the destruction of biodiversity, the climate emergency and particularly to air pollution.

Fighting air pollution today will not only help tackle the climate crisis but will also improve everyone’s health.

The measures introduced during the lockdown, although extreme, showed the immediate benefits of reducing the number of cars on our streets: it improved the quality of the air we breathe. Cities are already developing plans to share our public spaces, promoting cycling and walking. It has to become the norm for the future.

Air pollution is choking our patients and our environment. We call for responsible decision-makers to urgently implement solutions for sustainable and safe, active transport for all, to benefit our health and our planet.

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