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One of the ten biggest threats to global health

According to the World Health Organization, air pollution and climate change are one of the ten biggest threats to global health.

Damages nearly every organ in our bodies

Air pollution increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancers, dementia and diabetes, causes new asthma cases in children, and damages nearly every organ in our bodies.

Damages the immune system

Long-term exposure to air pollution causes chronic diseases, which damage the immune system. Preliminary data show that most of the fatalities from COVID-19 had at least one health condition, and co-morbidity can lead to higher death rates.

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COVID-19 has shown we cannot take our health for granted. As we begin to rebuild our post-COVID world, we must work together to demand that politicians and businesses must act to ensure a sustainable, clean air future for us all.

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Road transport is one of the main sources of air pollution. A growing body of scientific evidence links air pollution to heart disease, stroke, cancers, dementia and diabetes.

We demand that decision-makers take note of the latest scientific evidence on the health damage of air pollution, as a basis of any future clean transport policy.

We are urging the European Union and national governments to end the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2028, while progressively phasing out existing polluting vehicles from urban areas.

If the European Union wants to meet its commitments to the Paris Agreement, such as limiting the rise in global average temperatures to 1.5°C, the sale of diesel and petrol vehicles must end by 2028.  

We call for a shift from car-based cities to walking, cycling and public transport, wherever possible.

Cities have many tools at their disposal to improve the air we breathe. Air pollution is choking our patients and our environment. It’s time for change.

Banning polluting vehicles from city centres

In January 2020, Brussels banned the most polluting vehicles from the city centre. Athens, Paris and Madrid have pledged to ban diesel vehicles by 2025.

Introducing congestion charges

London and Stockholm have introduced congestion charges.

Boosting cycling and walking

Ljubljana has boosted biking and walking through better urban planning policies.

Improving public transport

Vienna and Zurich have invested in an efficient public transport system to reduce motor vehicle congestion that worsen air quality.

Join Medics for Clean Air and make
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